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Find below Chelsea Team Info Football Club Team Info, Football Club Tattoos, Tattoo Designs, Tattoo Pictures, Tattoo Gallery. Just click images to enlarge.

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Team Name: Chelsea

Division Two Runners-up 1906-07 Division Two Runners-up 1911-12
F.A. Cup Runners-up 1915
Division Two Runners-up 1929-30
Division One Champions 1954-55
F.A. Charity Shield Winner 1955
Division Two Runners-up 1962-63
Football League Cup Winners 1965
F.A. Cup Runners-up 1967
F.A. Cup Winners 1970
European Cup Winners Cup Winner 1971
Football League Cup Runners-up 1972
Division Two Runners-up 1976-77
F.A. Cup Winners 1977
Division Two Champions 1983-84
Full Members' Cup Winners 1986
Division Two Champions 1988-89
Zenith Data Systems Cup Winners 1990
F.A. Cup Runners-up 1994
Football League Cup Winners 1998
European Super Cup Winner 1998
European Cup Winners Cup Winner 1998
F.A. Cup Winners 2000
F.A. Charity Shield Winner 2000
F.A. Cup Runners-up 2002
F.A. Premier League Runners-up 2003-04
F.A. Premier League Champions 2004-05
Football League Cup Winners 2005
F.A. Community Shield Winner 2005
F.A. Premier League Champions 2005-06
F.A. Premier League Runners-up 2006-07
Football League Cup Winners 2007
F.A. Cup Winners 2007
F.A. Premier League Runners-up 2007-08
European Champions Cup Runners-up 2007-08
Football League Cup Runners-up 2008
F.A. Cup Winners 2009
F.A. Community Shield Winner 2009
F.A. Premier League Champions 2009-10
F.A. Cup Winners 2010
F.A. Premier League Runners-up 2010-11
European Champions Cup Winners 2011-12
F.A. Cup Winners 2012
FIFA Club World Cup Runners-up 2012
Europa League Winners 2012-13

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